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La Trilogie du Lapin, 2018 (work in progress)

La Trilogie du Lapin is a project consist of a three-part narrative corpus that is constructed as a chain of events. Each chapter refers to space of different functions:

1. Le Bureau 2. La Station 3. Le Confessionnal

Le Bureau is the establishment of the fictitious Linda van der Hox Association for Critical Foreign Affairs.

During 2018 the LVDHA has sent letters of invitation to individuals who were considered suitable to become members. The candidates who chose to participate were asked to send their full name, an official passport photo and a return address, in order to issue for each of them a membership card that was produced in Le Bureau during the time of the exhibition.

The work exhibit at the Cité Internationale des Arts Boutique Gallery, Paris, France. Curated Laura Schwartz